In the wake of tragedy, Hopper flees New York and finds more than he bargained for back home in Hawkins. By Season 3, Joyce is a little more put together and has things (mostly) under control, but she is the epitome of working with what she has to give her boys what they need, and a little more at times too. Chosen for what?” Izuku stammered, not noticing his friends walking towards him. Because honestly, there are some parenting rules from Joyce Byers you can follow yourself. The financially poor single mother of Will and Jonathan Byers, Joyce works as a retail clerk and relies on help from her eldest to make ends meet. tip: "uchiha sasuke/uzumaki naruto" angst kudos>10, Mike watched as Will licked his lips, eyes following the movement with intensity he didn’t even know he was capable of. William Byers is a fictional character from the American science fiction horror drama television series Stranger Things. Somehow, you just know when something is off or when your kid isn't telling the entire truth. Sure, many young witches and familiars hope that the person they bond to will be their True Match, but it is a secret wish in the back of their minds, and it is not a surprise when their wish stays unfulfilled. Will and Mike witness Eleven assaulting Angela–her primary bully–after which Will confides Eleven's despair to Mike. View source History Talk (0) Overview • History • Gallery. RELATED: 10 Baby Names For Fans Of Stranger Things. Amazon's Choice for joyce byers costume stranger things. By ituno-art-by-ek. She does have her own faults, after all. Joyce Byers is a character on the Netflix horror/drama series Stranger Things. Eventually, Joyce and Lonnie divorced on bad terms, and she never acquired his help with her financial problems. 1-48 of 322 results for "Joyce Byers" RESULTS. lets go the little sister hes always needed, Undertones of depression and self loathing, Robin Buckley & Steve Harrington & Dustin Henderson, Steve Harrington & The Stranger Things Kids, Billy Hargrove & Maxine "Max" Mayfield & Nancy Wheeler, Canon-Typical Violence going along with the movie so rated R type violence. me? Eventually he is freed from the Mind Flayer through the efforts of his mother, brother, and Nancy Wheeler, who burn the Mind Flayer out of him, a deduction they surmised after comments Will made about wanting to stay cold. Joyce Byers is a Stranger Things minifigure introduced in 2019.. Background. Spicy Jopper OS i have to get off of my head. “I really should get going, though. yes.any who...this is following season 4, it’s pretty much a continuation, it starts off a few months after season 4 ended and that’s all you need to know going in, i think! He'll be dealing with stuff, but he won't be at rock bottom... We're [going to be] dealing with forces of evil that are new."[6]. But she’s caring, loyal and loves her kids, along with the people around her. I would love it, if you leave me a massage :). He is fine. Will senses a possessed Billy and Heather attack the latter's parents and he realizes that the Mind Flayer is still alive. And when her older son Jonathan wanted to pursue a career in photojournalism, she supported him completely. Will discovers he still has a link to the Upside Down and privately senses the Mind Flayer's presence. Background details that you might want to know about Joyce include: ethnicity is Native American, whose political affiliation is currently a registered Republican; and religious views are listed as unknown. Joyce Byers. Like Eleven, who ends up seeing Joyce as a mother figure of her own. Around 1983, Jonathan began working, and would help his mother with getting more money. She is also the the ex-wife of Lonnie Byers and the ex-girlfriend of Bob Newby. I know my mother and grandmother certainly weren’t. History Personality Navigation (A retelling of Season 1 if Steve Harrington was the result of Lonnie having an affair with Mrs. No one understands the torture he went through. This'll just be another hang out, right? NEXT: 10 Unique Baby Names Inspired By The Witcher. If you can help us with this wiki please sign up and help us! Also known as C J Byers, Joyce Byers, Byers Carolyn. At the lab, Joyce and Hopper encounter a Russian officer named Grigori, whom attacks Jim before escaping. When she's not wrapped up in writing about parenting life or getting sucked into TV, she is known to take the occasional hike to enjoy the outdoors. Friends/Allies In Chalfont, Pennsylvania, 35 miles north of Philadelphia Byers Choice, Ltd., artist and founder Joyce Byers heads a team of more than 100 artists who hand-craft choirs of Carolers and Kindles (Christmas Elves) all year long. Joyce’s ability to never give up on Will when he went missing, even going as far as to deny the body that looked like it was, in fact, Will, proved just how dedicated of a mom she is. 1984 Sam Owens | this is a micro fic about the characters grieving in the aftermath of the final battle. Mike knew, he always did, that he wasn't Ted Wheeler's son. JOYCE AND BOB BYERS, SR. It also sets a good example for your kids. Based on The Distance Between Us by Kasie West... but make it Byler;). Will and Joyce need support, and Hopper is the one who gives that to them. Fearing that something was still happening at the Hawkins lab, Joyce informs Jim about the matter, but he rebuffs her suggestions since she stood him up on their date. Karen informed Joyce that Will left her home around 8 pm, leading Joyce to file a missing person report to the police. After negotiating with her boss, she used the phone before it short circuited as well, and she returned home. They all have. Mike began, stammering as he fixed his eyes on the dashboard in front of him. tip: "sherlock (tv)" m/m NOT "sherlock holmes/john watson", Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings (4), Jonathan Byers & Joyce Byers & Will Byers & Steve Harrington (9), Eleven | Jane Hopper & Steve Harrington (4), Steve Harrington & Jim "Chief" Hopper (3), Jonathan Byers & Steve Harrington & Nancy Wheeler (2), Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence (3), Jonathan Byers & Joyce Byers & Will Byers & Steve Harrington, Steve Harrington is Lonnie Byers Biological Child, Steve Harrington and Jonathan Byers are Half Siblings, Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings, Jonathan Byers & Steve Harrington & Nancy Wheeler, Robin Buckley & Steve Harrington Friendship, Platonic Soulmates Robin Buckley & Steve Harrington, Making Childhood Memories For Lost Childhoods, Siblings Eleven | Jane Hopper & Steve Harrington, Jonathan Byers & Joyce Byers & Will Byers, Jonathan Byers & Will Byers & Steve Harrington, the gothic horror of living in a small town, i don't want to wake up (on my own anymore), Eddie Munson Has a Crush on Steve Harrington, Billy Hargrove & Steve Harrington Friendship, Billy Hargrove & Maxine "Max" Mayfield Have a Good Relationship, Robin Buckley & Steve Harrington & Billy Hargrove Friendship. Melvald's General Store Retail Clerk (formerly) Graphic Depictions Of Violence, Major Character Death, Graphic Depictions Of Violence, No Archive Warnings Apply, Underage, Graphic Depictions Of Violence, No Archive Warnings Apply, Choose Not To Use Archive Warnings, Major Character Death, Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings (4112), Maxine "Max" Mayfield/Lucas Sinclair (1704), Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence (1095), Will Byers & Dustin Henderson & Lucas Sinclair & Mike Wheeler, Step-Siblings Will Byers & Eleven | Jane Hopper, Joyce Byers & Steve Harrington & Jim "Chief" Hopper, Robin Buckley & Steve Harrington Are Best Friends, Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings, Robin Buckley & Steve Harrington & Eddie Munson Are Best Friends, Alternate Universe - Everyone Lives/Nobody Dies, Eddie Munson Takes Care of Steve Harrington, Robin Buckley & Steve Harrington Friendship, Steve Harrington & Dustin Henderson Friendship, Steve Harrington & Dustin Henderson Are Best Friends, Steve Harrington & Dustin Henderson Have a Sibling Relationship, Eddie Munson Has a Crush on Steve Harrington, Something in the Walls, in the Head (It's Violence), Implied/Referenced Alcohol Abuse/Alcoholism, mindflayer is based kinda off Venom and Eddie bc I haven't seen s2 or 3 of stranger things, Hawkins is Not Destroyed (Stranger Things), Eleven | Jane Hopper & Maxine "Max" Mayfield, Will Byers & Eleven | Jane Hopper & Maxine "Max" Mayfield Are Best Friends, Jonathan Byers and Eddie Munson Friendship, Robin Buckley & Steve Harrington & Eddie Munson & Nancy Wheeler, Dustin Henderson & Eddie Munson Have a Sibling Relationship, Platonic Soulmates Robin Buckley & Steve Harrington, (Don't Tell Me) That It Wasn't Black and White, Eleven | Jane Hopper & Jim "Chief" Hopper, Background Maxine "Max" Mayfield/Lucas Sinclair, also circular themes because people here have issues and issues aren't resolved in one go, Background Mike Wheeler/Will Byers - Freeform, Background Eddie Munson/Chrissy Cunningham, i honestly never know what to put in this part, like obviously some things will be different, but it’s canon compliant from what we’ve seen, we can do this, but only if you're with me, Henry Creel | One | Vecna/Original Female Character(s), Billy Hargrove/Original Female Character(s), Billy Hargrove Tries to Be a Better Person, Billy Hargrove as Kas the Betrayer (Dungeons & Dragons), Billy Hargrove Finds Out About the Upside Down, Original Female Character is Martin Brenner's Daughter, Eleven | Jane Hopper & Maxine "Max" Mayfield Friendship, The Party are Little Shits (Stranger Things), Henry Creel | One | Vecna is His Own Warning, OUR REALITY IS UPSIDE DOWN (THIS IS NOT WHAT I REMEMBER), This is mainly focused on Byler but everything IS there I promise, Steve Harrington Has a Bisexual Awakening, I don’t wanna keep secrets just to keep you, Steve Harrington is afraid to lose Eddie Munson again, You Would Break Your Back To Make Me Break A Smile, Alternate Universe - Always a Different Sex, eddie has a good dad who happens to be a bad criminal, I Wrote This While Listening to Taylor Swift's Music, Song: It's Nice to Have a Friend (Taylor Swift), Jonathan Byers & Steve Harrington Friendship, jonathan and steve are sisters and must not be separated, Jim "Chief" Hopper adopts Steve Harrington, eddie and the bad bitch he pulled by being silly and goofy, Siblings Eleven | Jane Hopper & Steve Harrington. Will is harassed by local residents, who dub him "Zombie Boy" after apparently returning from the dead (due to a hoax orchestrated by the people from Hawkins Laboratory). When I look back on this moment, I can’t help but recognize that this dude was as intimidating as any Vecna, yet Grandma didn’t miss a beat. Description. Things would be so much better. Sometimes the monster under your bed comes out to play during the day. Leave a review . ", "You wouldn't…judge me or anything right? Joyce and Hopper tracked down Terry Ives, who sued Dr. Martin Brenner and Hawkins National Laboratory for kidnapping her Jane twelve years prior. [5] In terms of the narrative in the third season, Levy said the season would be less about Will, saying, "We're not going to put Will through hell for a third season in a row. In Chalfont, Pennsylvania, 35 miles north of Philadelphia Byers Choice, Ltd., artist and founder Joyce Byers heads a team of more than 100 artists who hand-craft choirs of Carolers and Kindles (Christmas Elves) all year long. In the summer of 1987, Will Byers is alone. At home, Joyce grieved over Bob's death while the others speculated on how to defeat the shadow monster. Will told the soldiers and scientist where to go, but revealed that he had deceived them, and Demodogs attacked the lab. Main Tag Stranger Things T-Shirt. Joyce Byers, the crazy magnet lady, played by Winona Ryder in the Emmy award-winning Netflix show, Stranger Things and all of its current three seasons is an important character, who has done some pretty important stuff. We found 64 entries for Joyce Byers in the United States. More Information; SKU: 3233: byers_prdct_available_on_date: May 31, 2023: Manufacturer: Byers Choice Ltd. Dimensions: 13 Inches Tall: Applicable Dangerous Goods . This page is a gallery for Joyce Byers. The Byers are back in Stranger Things season 4 - just not in Hawkins. From $19.26. Would they be torn apart or would they realise that love can rule out on top, be stronger than ever? At home, Joyce picked up the phone when it rang, but only heard static and growling. But they aren't and he didn't. Joyce Byers' house from Stranger Things is now up for sale in real life. Joyce and Hopper Art Print. Joyce Byers fanart Classic T-Shirt. Free Will of the Mind Flayer's influence.Close the Gate underneath Starcourt.Rescue Hopper from the Russians (all succeeded). I don't own any characters except my OC. . Stranger Things Christmas Lights Art Print. The group succeeded in exorcising Will, and Jane defeated the monster for good. Website for moms seeking advice, community, and entertainment. Joyce Byers will probably never win any parent of the year awards on Stranger Things. Instead of going off to college or even showing an interest in continuing his education, Jonathan opts to try and be a photographer for the local newspaper after high school. The following day, Byers accompanies Hopper him confronting the mayor Larry Kline, learning that he has made secret deals with the Russians. Stranger things have happened. Is Joyce the perfect mother? Browse through and take joyce byers quizzes. Associated persons: Robert Byers (215) 906-7675. Includes Address (5) Phone (6) Email (4) See Results. "You shouldn't like things because people tell you that you're supposed to.". Or, Steve is alone and had no friends until Robin and Billy come into his life.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Steve is dyslexic and has self-esteem issues.Robin has ADHD.Billy isn't exactly a dick.Nancy doesn't like Steve.Barb is alive.Jonathan isn't a creep and is well respected.Carol and Tommy are assholes. Infatuated - possessed with an intense but short-lived passion or admiration for someone. ", Lucas turned to look him head on, suddenly very serious and genuine. Joyce H Beers, 78. Join Facebook to connect with Joyce Byers and others you may know. When you are feeling particularly powerful, however, and when you feel confident in your abilities as a parent, don't be afraid to show that side of yourself. Steve refuses to lose his husband, yet has to deal with the fact he's helpless with protecting his unborn son. She pays the price for this, and then has to figure out what comes next. Hard Liquor (OC X Steve Harrington) 56 pages 2 days ago maddy . He never understood the comfort of being home and with his parents, probably because they’re never there. or, the childhood friends fic that no one asked for. All the normal ST teens are in 3rd grade currently.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~8 year old Steve Harrington is a young boy who normally just sits alone. Good Parent Joyce Byers (82) Will Byers Needs a Hug (78) Will Byers Loves Mike Wheeler (61) Fluff (59) Hurt/Comfort (53) Mike Wheeler Loves Will Byers (51) Will Byers-centric (50) Coming Out (38) Other tags to exclude More Options Crossovers. Joyce was born in the 1940s, and presumably attended Hawkins High School in the 1950s to the 1960s. I mean, the others are too- but you know what I mean." After a bite from a spider-like creature, Will develops strange abilities. Check out our joyce will byers selection for the very best in unique or custom, handmade pieces from our shops. Canon-divergent S3 AU where Joyce and Hopper are forced to navigate what quickly becomes an emotional affair as their relationship evolves to new places neither one of them ever expected. Learn more about our use of cookies and information. "Uh, yeah? It felt like the weirdest dream in the world; surely this wasn’t actually happening? Lucas sat in the driver's seat, looking at him with confusion. Even when things seem dire or the town seems like it is going to be swallowed whole into the Upside Down, Joyce tries to make a little time for herself in the form of getting closer to Hopper after indulging in a relationship in Season 2. Six kids vanish into the middle of the night, the moon holding secrets darker than its place of residency: the night. i guess all secrets eventually come to the light. Or, a few years prior to canon, the Byers adopt a stray. The only place to satisfy all of your guilty pleasures. Goals She was born in Toledo, Ohio on December 12, 1926, daughter of the late Loyd and Bessie (Christlieb) Carbin.</p><p><br></p><p>Joyce and her late husband, Milton RVed to all the continental states and provinces, and traveled to Europe and Asia, including Tibet. She seems willing to do just about anything for any of them, including going to battle with a demonic Demogorgon, infiltrating a secret Russian base in Hawkins, and breaking into a Soviet prison that happens to be filled with not only Russian soldiers but also more Demogorgons. After one of these visions, he confides in Mike, who in turn reveals he is attempting to contact Eleven. Shaking the Russians at the fair, the group over them speaking of "kids" on a radio, and head to the Starcourt mall to meet with the party. Upon returning to Hawkins, Will feels the Upside Down's presence return right as the dimension begins to infiltrate Hawkins. The financially poor single mother of Will and Jonathan Byers, Joyce works as a retail clerk and relies on help from her eldest to make ends meet. One things for sure, the flower shop is no longer quiet. Find Byers's phone number, address, hospital affiliations and more. Steve Harrington has made some mistakes in his life, but none that he regrets more than bullying Jonathan Byers and unknowingly wrecking any chance he had at a relationship with his apparent half-brother. Check out our joyce byer selection for the very best in unique or custom, handmade pieces from our shops. Joyce L. Byers is a Family Nurse Practitioner in Kalamazoo, MI. Argyle | For over 30 years the Byers Family has made Christmas memories the old fashioned way, by hand. She is the mother of Jonathan and Will Byers. That, my friends, is exactly what makes single mothers such tough and incredibly admirable humans, and it’s what ultimately makes Joyce Byers a love letter to single mothers everywhere. Going to the middle school, she alongside Will's friend and Max Mayfield witness him have another episode. Having sustained injuries from the attack, Joyce takes Jim to the cabin and tends to his wounds. Full Name Being with Bob (formerly).Being with Hopper.Raising her children. Available in Plus Size T-Shirt. More than once throughout Stranger Things so far, Joyce has broken down about her struggles as a single mom working to make ends meet. From the Conjunction of the Spheres to chaos at Kaer Morhen, it’s all here. The character was originally written to be a "tough Long Island mom", and be aggressive and swore a lot. In Lenora Hills, Joyce continues to support her sons and Jane as they attend high school, but also remains in contact with Murray. This couple should definitely have their on show! But when Mike's loyalty and attentiveness are persistent, will Will be able to accept the fact that maybe he could be wrong about him? || Takes place right before the events of Season Three ||. Every season is Christmas at the Byers' Choice, Ltd., headquarters in Chalfont, Pennsylvania. Joyce Byers reveals the feedback Will's father used to make about his sexuality in 'Stranger Things' Season 1. She was only known as "The Freaks Sister" for as long as she could remember. Returning to Hawkins to the fun fair, Joyce meets with Karen to learn the whereabouts of her children, and later discovers a dead Alexei with the others. Up until that point, her sons had had a tough time navigating the town with its many secrets and although it was the only home any of them had ever known, Joyce made the choice to move their family for a fresh start. Facebook gives people the power to. Around 1973, she began working at the Melvald's General Store, working as a retail clerk on holidays to make ends meet. Stanley barber x Will ByersThey both deserve to be happy :(, I have no idea if someone has made this before but it seems perfect, because Stanley and Will deserve better. In the group's Dungeons and Dragons party, Will is the cleric, but later occasionally plays the role of Dungeon Master; he is referred to as "Will the Wise". tip: "sherlock (tv)" m/m NOT "sherlock holmes/john watson". At the mall, the adults form a plan with the party to stop the Russians from opening the gate underneath Starcourt. I will try to get it to work. Will was ranked the third best Stranger Things character by Screen Rant, behind only Eleven and Steve Harrington. She is portrayed by Winona Ryder, who also played Lydia Deetz in Beetlejuice, Veronica Sawyer in Heathers, Kim Boggs in Edward Scissorhands, and voiced Elsa Van Helsing in Frankenweenie. “Midoriya Izuku. His memories are wrong. Before leaving for work one morning in November, Joyce discovered that she couldn't find Will anywhere. She travels there, reuniting with Hopper after an ill-fated detour to deliver a $40,000 bribe in Alaska first. And parents in real life can benefit from taking the time out of their day or even week to have something for themselves. Despite their love for each other, their marriage crumbled before the birth of their first son, Jonathan, and later Will. Joyce Byers is a fictional character and one of the protagonists of the American science fiction horror streaming television series Stranger Things. | All Rights Reserved. She is the longtime friend/love interest of Jim Hopper, the mother of Will and Jonathan Byers, and the surrogate mother of Eleven. A Stranger Things retelling in which everyone is either a witch or a familiar and everyone has magic. 1-48 of 423 results for "joyce byers costume stranger things" RESULTS. To prevent the shadow monster to get their location, Mike told them to sedate Will, and Bob sacrificed himself to help them escape. She informed Hopper of the call, but he was skeptical, leading her to go the General Store to use the phone. Will is found and woken up, but he acts strangely: scribbling and demanding the house be kept cold. As a thank you, for finding Will.”. HOGreen Natural Wigs for Women, Wavy Wig With Air Bangs Women's Short Bob Wig Curly Wavy Shoulder Length Pastel Bob Synthetic Cosplay Wig for Girl Colorful Costume Wigs+2 Wig Caps (14 inch) (Natural) 3.9 (45) $1999 ($19.99/Count) FREE delivery Sat, Dec 24 on $25 of items shipped by Amazon. Joyce Byers. Office Rating. Max Mayfield, Wheeler Family They must find a way to escape, and their siblings must work together to meet them in the middle. So much has happened, so much keeps helping. Joyce is portrayed . Will Byers | If he’s really lucky, he can even grab some of the mini shampoo bottles they leave out for the members; it’s a nice gym, after all. But most of all, Steve hates the little shop because it's always so damn quiet, and his thoughts are very loud. Will, the younger brother of Jonathan Byers and the son of Joyce Byers and Lonnie Byers, is a shy, kind, and often timid boy. FREE delivery Fri, Dec 23 . Jonathan Byers (older son)Will Byers (younger son)Eleven (adopted daughter)Darlene (aunt), Jim Hopper (boyfriend)Bob Newby † (former boyfriend)Karen WheelerScott ClarkeMurray Bauman (best friend)Alexei † (close friend)Mike WheelerLucas SinclairDustin HendersonElevenNancy WheelerSteve HarringtonMax MayfieldRobin BuckleyErica SinclairDonald MelvaldJeffreyDmitri AntonovYuri Ismaylov, Martin Brenner †Demogorgon †DemodogsGrigori †Lonnie ByersLarry KlineWarden Melnikov †Russian Demogorgon †. According to Jonathan, Joyce and Lonnie loved each other, but he wasn't around for that part. Simply, it is a consequence. Will is sedated to halt the Mind Flayer and rescued from the lab. Noah Schnapp was cast as Will Byers in August 2015. Each crafter leaves a little bit of herself in every figure she touches and with as many as ten people working on one Caroler it is virtually impossible to find two Carolers that are exactly alike. He was currently sitting in the passenger seat of his friend's car, gripping his knees in anxious anticipation. Like when she makes Will’s homemade Ghostbusters Halloween costume in Season 2 just so he can fit in with his friends. (Second posted version), tip: "uchiha sasuke/uzumaki naruto" angst kudos>10, Choose Not To Use Archive Warnings, No Archive Warnings Apply, Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings (147), Eleven | Jane Hopper & Jim "Chief" Hopper (61), Eleven | Jane Hopper/Maxine "Max" Mayfield, Will Byers & Eleven | Jane & Dustin Henderson & Maxine Mayfield & Lucas Sinclair & Mike Wheeler, Siblings Will Byers & Eleven | Jane Hopper, The Party in High School (Stranger Things), Minor Eleven | Jane Hopper/Maxine "Max" Mayfield, Minor Eleven | Jane Hopper/Maxine "Max" Mayfield/Lucas Sinclair, but mike and will were never just friends, The author has an unhealthy rage towards chemistry, and she’s gonna make it everyone’s problem, No beta we die like mike wheeler’s heterosexuality, like some shit still happened with vecna but everything else about s4 kinda didnt, You Stayed, and I Went. 4.3 out of 5 stars 368. By laryveartist. Joyce Byers is the tritagonist of the Stranger Things franchise.. She is a divorced single mother, raising her two sons Jonathan and Will in Hawkins, Indiana, before her youngest mysteriously disappears. If first impressions were on looks alone, he would have passed with flying colors. [20] Schnapp himself stated in July 2022 that he believes that it is "100% clear" and a "very real, obvious thing" that Will is gay and is in love with Mike. Netflix. Victoria Brenner thought she was finally able to get away from her father's twisted experiments when she left for college three years ago, but something ends up calling her back to Hawkins. Her love for her two sons, Will and Johnathan, is incredible, but it doesn’t stop there. Include crossovers; Exclude crossovers; Show only crossovers; She also clearly cares deeply about their goofy yet scrappy neighborhood friends. What will happen though, later, when Jonathan is forced to move to California... leaving Eddie behind in a Hawkins that’s about to be turned upside down and become unrecognizable. If you do not wish to know vital information on plot / character elements in a story, you may not wish to read beyond this warning: We hold no responsibility for any negative effects these facts may have on your enjoyment of said media should you continue. The 1980s-set series, which was created by The Duffer Brothers, premiered on Netflix in 2016 and aired season 4 - its penultimate season - in two parts earlier this year. Nancy Wheeler, Byers Family The result of poorly made decisions, neglected care. In season three, Joyce discovers that another threat to Hawkins has emerge, uncovering the mayor's secret dealing with the Russians in their attempt to reopen the gate. Join Facebook to connect with Joyce Byers and others you may know. “Can you teach me how to kiss?”. Joyce begged for Will to wake up, and he eventually snapped out of it, and revealed that he was being overwhelmed by the shadow monster. Joyce Byers. Be the Joyce Byers of Whatever You Do Art Print. Also known as Joyce Byers. Red Kap. A year before will gets taken to the upside down 005 opens a temp portal to the upside down and Stephanie/ Stevie gets dragged into the portal before getting stuck until will comes and the party comes to wills rescue. Related To Bryan Beers, Ralph Beers, David Beers. Lonnie Byers (ex-husband)Jonathan Byers (older son)Will Byers (younger son)Eleven (adopted daughter)Darlene (aunt) But showing weakness isn't necessarily a bad thing. Dustin Henderson | (Alternate Universe). [22], Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Drama Series, "Duffer Will Byers played by Noah Schnapp Bros. 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